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Buying A Home In A Seller's Market

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Buying A Home In A Seller's Market

For generations, the home buying process never really changed. The seller would try to estimate the market value of the home and tack on a little extra to give themselves some negotiating room. That figure would become the listing price of the house. Buyers would then try to determine how much less than the full price they could offer and still get the home. The asking price was generally the ceiling of the negotiation. The actual sales price would almost always be somewhat lower than the list price. It was unthinkable to pay more than what the seller was asking.

Today is Much Different.

The record-low supply of homes for sale coupled with very strong buyer demand and low interest rates, is leading to a rise in bidding wars on many homes since 2019.

Because of this, homes today often sell for more than the list price. In some cases, they sell for a lot more. we rencly listed a home in Simi Valley California for a fair market value of $750,000. After our Property Launch Date we recieved over 15 offers and the winning bid was over $900,000. the seller was extatic and the buyer was thrilled as she was tired of losing out against other buyers. That was insane!

According to the Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report just released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 45% of buyers paid full price or more.

buying a home in a sellers market with Gratland & Associates

"You need to change the way you look at the asking price of a home."

In this type of market, you likely can’t shop for a home with the old-school mentality of refusing to pay full price or more for a house.

"Because of the shortage of inventory of houses for sale, many homes are actually being offered in an auction-like atmosphere in which the highest bidder wins the home. In an actual auction, the seller of an item agrees to take the highest bid, and many sellers set a reserve price on the item they’re selling. A reserve price is the minimum amount a seller will accept as the winning bid."

When navigating a competitive housing market, think of the list price of the house as the reserve price at an auction. It’s the minimum the seller will accept in many cases. Today, the asking price is often becoming the floor of the negotiation rather than the ceiling. Therefore, if you really love a home, know that it may ultimately sell for more than the sellers are asking. So, as you’re navigating the home buying process, make sure you know your budget, know what you can afford, and work with a trusted advisor who can help you make all the right moves as you buy a home.

"But be aware of running into a situation where the home does not appraise at the negotiated price."

In order to protect their investment a lender will not approve the sales price if the home does not appraise at fair market value. You may have to come up with extra cash to make up the difference, renegotiate or back out all together.

Buying a home in a sellers market with Gratland & Associates

Bottom Line

Someone who’s more familiar with the housing market of the past than that of today may think offering more for a home than the listing price is foolish. However, frequent and competitive bidding wars are creating an auction-like atmosphere in many real estate transactions. For the best advice on how to make a competitive offer on a home, reach out to a local real estate professional who’s an expert in your local market.

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