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If you're looking for a Golf Course Country Club living experience in Ventura County, CA, we're here to assist you! As experienced real estate agents, we understand the allure of coastal living and the importance of finding the perfect Golf Course home. That's why we, Mike and Marie Gratland, are excited to offer our services as a dedicated husband and wife team.

Ventura County boasts numerous charming Golf Course Country Club communities with a range of properties to suit your active lifestyle. 


Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes

Whether you seek a luxurious mansion on the greens estate or a charming cottage, Ventura County has the perfect golf course home for you. With our expertise in the local real estate market, we'll guide you in finding your ideal golf course property. Contact us today to fulfill your active lifestyle dreams in Ventura County.

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Here are a few golf course communities in Ventura County that you may want to explore:

  1. Spanish Hills Country Club - Located in Camarillo, Spanish Hills offers a private golf course and upscale homes.

  2. Las Posas Country Club - Situated in Camarillo, this community features a golf course, tennis courts, and custom-built homes.

  3. Sterling Hills Golf Club - Located in Camarillo, this community surrounds an 18-hole championship golf course.

  4. Saticoy Country Club - Situated in Somis, Saticoy Country Club offers a golf course and luxury homes.

  5. Sherwood Country Club: Located in Thousand Oaks, Sherwood Country Club is a prestigious private golf course community with luxury homes.

  6. North Ranch Country Club: Situated in Westlake Village, near Thousand Oaks, North Ranch Country Club features a golf course and a variety of residential properties.

  7. Los Robles Greens: This public golf course in Thousand Oaks offers residential communities adjacent to the course.

  8. Westlake Golf Course: Located in Westlake Village, near Thousand Oaks, Westlake Golf Course is surrounded by several residential communities.

  9. Moorpark Country Club: This community features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy. It offers luxury homes and a range of amenities.Country Club Estates: Located adjacent to Moorpark Country Club, this community offers custom-built homes with views of the golf course.

  10. Rustic Canyon Golf Course: While not specifically a golf course home community, Rustic Canyon Golf Course is a public course in Moorpark that offers scenic views and challenging play.

Please note that availability, community features, and other details may have changed since my last update, so it's essential to conduct further research or consult local real estate agents for the most accurate and up-to-date information about golf course home communities in Ventura County.


When it comes to Golf Course Country Club homes in Ventura County, you'll find a variety of exquisite options to choose from. Here are some of the Golf Course home types available in this beautiful coastal area:


Waterfront Estates: Magnificent estates located right on the water's edge, offering panoramic  views, private access, and lavish amenities.

Coastal Mansions: Grand mansions nestled along the coastline, boasting opulent interiors, sprawling grounds, and top-of-the-line features such as private pools, home theaters, and wine cellars.


Oceanview Homes: Stunning residences perched on elevated positions, providing breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding coastal landscape.


Gated Communities: Exclusive gated communities with Golf Course homes, offering privacy, security, and access to amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, and clubhouse facilities.

Golf Course Condominiums: Upscale condominium complexes with resort-style amenities, including concierge services, fitness centers, and breathtaking views of the ocean.


Ranch Estates: Sprawling ranch-style properties nestled in scenic countryside settings, offering a combination of Golf Course living and rural tranquility.


Equestrian Properties: Estates with equestrian facilities, such as stables, riding arenas, and expansive grounds, perfect for horse enthusiasts seeking a luxurious coastal lifestyle.


These are just a few examples of the Golf Course home types you can find in Ventura County. Each property offers its own unique features and charm, catering to the discerning tastes of those seeking an upscale beachfront living experience. 


When it comes time to buy or sell a Golf course Country Club home we are excited and thrilled to be a part of your journey. Some of the services you can expect from our team of seasoned professionals.

Guidance and Support: We offer guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process, helping you make informed decisions.

Personalized Service: We treat each client as an individual, offering personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

Caring and Supportive: We genuinely care about your real estate goals and are here to support you throughout the process.

Better Results, Better Experience: With our expertise, we aim to deliver better results and provide you with a positive real estate experience.

Responsive Communication: We prioritize timely communication and aim to respond promptly to your calls, texts, and emails.

High Level of Professional Care: We provide professional care and strive to ensure your satisfaction, guaranteeing results.

Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes
Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes
Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes


Golf Course & Country Club homes in Ventura County are highly sought after because they provide a special and appealing living experience for people who love golf and want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Here are some reasons why individuals choose to move to golf course homes in Ventura County:

Exclusive Golfing Lifestyle: Living in a golf course home provides residents with direct access to world-class golf courses. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite sport conveniently and frequently, stepping out of their homes and onto the fairways with ease.


Scenic Beauty: Golf course homes in Ventura County boast picturesque surroundings with stunning views of manicured greens, rolling fairways, and breathtaking landscapes. The natural beauty of the golf course creates a serene and visually captivating environment for homeowners.


Upscale Living: Golf course homes often feature upscale designs, luxurious amenities, and meticulous attention to detail. These homes exemplify refined living, with elegant architecture, high-end finishes, and spacious layouts that cater to a luxurious lifestyle.


Community and Social Connections: Golf course communities foster a strong sense of camaraderie and community spirit among residents. Living in a golf course home allows individuals to connect with like-minded neighbors who share a passion for the sport, leading to lasting friendships and an active social life within the community.


Recreation and Amenities: In addition to golf, golf course communities offer a range of additional amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, and clubhouses. Homeowners can enjoy a variety of recreational activities within their community, promoting an active and vibrant lifestyle.


Privacy and Security: Golf course homes often benefit from gated entrances, providing an added level of privacy and security. Homeowners can enjoy their properties with peace of mind, knowing that their community offers a secure and tranquil living environment.


Proximity to Urban Conveniences: Many golf course communities in Ventura County are strategically located near urban centers, offering residents easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural attractions. Homeowners can enjoy the tranquility of golf course living while still being within reach of urban conveniences.


Serene and Green Surroundings: Golf course homes provide a peaceful and green backdrop, with beautifully manicured landscapes and abundant green spaces. The scenic beauty of the golf course creates a tranquil and visually pleasing environment, enhancing the overall living experience.


Investment Potential: Golf course homes in Ventura County can be attractive investment opportunities. The prestige and desirability of living in a golf course community, combined with the enduring appeal of golf as a sport, can contribute to long-term value appreciation for these properties.


Active Retirement Living: Golf course communities often cater their needs. Ventura County's golf course homes provide an ideal setting for retirees or individuals seeking an active lifestyle. Residents can enjoy not only golfing but also a range of recreational activities, social events, and clubs designed to promote an engaging and fulfilling retirement experience.

Love where you live!

Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes


Buying a home in Ventura County can be an exciting but overwhelming process. As local real estate agents we can help you navigate the process and find the right home for your needs. Here are some ways we can assist you:

EXPERTISE: As Ventura County real estate agents we know the area and can help you find a home that fits your needs and budget.

OFF-MARKET PROPERTIES: As agents we have access to homes not yet on the market, giving you an advantage over other buyers.

PAPERWORK ASSISTANCE: We can help you navigate complex paperwork involved in the home buying process.

HELP FOR FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS: We assist people who are buying their first home in Ventura County, guiding them through the process and helping them find the right property.


Contact us today for all your real estate needs in Ventura County. Whether you're buying or selling a home, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes
Real Estate Agent in Westlake Village, CA | Buy or Sell a Home in Westlake Village


Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes

Selling a golf course home in Ventura County can be a complex process, and as Ventura County real estate agents we can help you navigate it. Here are some of the ways we can assist with selling your home:

PRICING: As Ventura County real estate agents we can create a plan to sell your home quickly and for the best price.

HOME STAGING CONSULTATIONS: We provide advice on how to stage your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers, at no cost to you.

WIDE EXPOSURE AND SYNDICATION: We make sure your property gets exposure to a large audience by listing it on various websites.

QUALITY MARKETING MATERIALS: We take high-quality photos and create attractive print materials and digital ads to effectively promote it to potential buyers.


EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS: Our listings typically sell for a higher price compared to the average in the area and spend less time on the market.


SHOWINGS: An agent can schedule and host showings for interested buyers.


NEGOTIATION: An agent can help you negotiate the best price and terms with potential buyers.


CLOSING ASSISTANCE: An agent can guide you through the closing process, ensuring everything is in order before you sell your home.

HOME INSPECTION: As agents we can recommend a reputable inspector to evaluate your home's condition.

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If you're looking to buy a Golf Course home in Ventura County, CA, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage to know how much home you can afford.

  • Research different neighborhoods and communities to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

  • Work with a local Ventura County real estate agent who knows the area well.

  • Consider the home's proximity to schools, shopping, and other amenities.

  • Get a home inspection before closing the deal to identify any potential issues.

  • Negotiate the terms of the purchase agreement to get the best deal possible.

  • Get homeowner's insurance to protect your investment.

  • Close the deal with a reputable title company to ensure a smooth transaction.


Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes

Looking to buy or sell a Golf Course home investment property in Ventura County, CA? Let us assist you in navigating the process and maximizing your benefits. With our expertise, we'll help you identify profitable opportunities, analyze market trends, and negotiate favorable deals.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the market, we provide personalized guidance and support. Contact us today to get started on your journey to success in the Ventura County real estate market.

ASSISTANCE WITH INVESTMENT PROPERTY SEARCHES: If you're interested in buying a Golf Course Home investment property in Ventura County, we can help you find suitable options.


HOME EQUITY: Learn how to effectively build your real estate equity faster.


WEALTH BUILDING: Discover strategies to leverage your dollars and build long-term wealth.


RENTAL PROPERTIES: Explore investment opportunities in rental properties to generate passive income and build wealth.


MORTGAGE SAVINGS: Learn techniques to save thousands of dollars on your existing home mortgage.


TAX STRATEGIES: Consult with your accountant to maximize your tax structure and take advantage of potential savings.


SHORT SALES AND FORECLOSURES: Navigate the complexities of short sales and foreclosed properties with our expert assistance.


FINANCIAL GUIDANCE: Let us help you achieve your financial goals and secure a brighter future in real estate.

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Make your real estate journey in Ventura County, California a breeze with the assistance of experienced agents Mike & Marie Gratland. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home or investment property, their expertise will ensure a smoother and less stressful process. Give them a call at 805-857-5811.

Golf Course Homes Ventura County, CA Real Estate Agent | Buy and Sell Golf Course Homes
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