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Gratland & Associates SoCal Realtors

Based in Thousand Oaks

Why you want a real estate consultant like us in your life


We believe that helping others is foundational to our own success. What value can we bring to you?

We wish to educate and empower you to keep more of your hard earned money, reduce your taxes, and build your net worth.


We have created a dynamic interactive presentation that demonstrates the relationship between taxes, homeownership, mortgages, investment properties, investing in stocks, retirement options and building generational wealth. We are able to adjust any equation, numbers, time frames, etc. to your exact specifications.


We provide you with a personalized clear and simple road map, based on your unique situation, to guide you through homeownership and property investing.


Most Americans were never taught these lessons in school so stop the bus…school is now in session!


We are excited to share our incredible and powerful findings based on tax structures, real historical numbers and data, and decades of personal experience helping others buy and sell real estate. 


  • We can show you why timing the market could be a waste of valuable time

  • How to keep more of your hard earned money (tax savings)

  • Why real estate could be a better option than stocks, for long term and exponential wealth

  • Why interest rates shouldn’t always prevent you from buying something now

  • Why and how you'd want to pay down your mortgage

  • Why you'd consider owning rental property and the correct way to do it

  • Why and how you want to leverage the banks money

And we want to be there, right along side you, on your journey


~Mike & Marie