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Ventura County Real Estate Market update July 2023

Updated: Oct 2

Today's Mortgage rates :

7/23 Mortgage rates
7/23 Mortgage rates

Home Prices

Despite these interest rates, home prices continue to move upward. Many neighborhoods are above record highs at this point.

For Example: The chart below represents all sales in Conejo Valley between January 2020-June 2023.

Conejo Valley Home sales 2020-23
Conejo Valley Home sales 2020-23

Inventory is at record lows.

If no other homes came on market, and we continued to sell the same amount of homes every month... How long would it take to sell all homes on the market? Today it would take only 1.3 months.

Real Estate months of Inventory
Real Estate months of Inventory

Mike's Pulse of the Market

The number of sales is down by a lot!

This year we've come close to numbers we haven't seen since March 2020. Why are so few people moving around? My theory is that people just aren't motivated enough to sell their current home with a 3% mortgage to buy something else at 7%. This lack of supply combined with a LOT of motivated buyers is causing a massive move on prices.

Things are getting very competitive right now in Ventura County on virtually every listing. Potential home buyers must put their best offer on the table if they have any hope of having an offer accepted.

Home sales chart 2023
Ventura County Home Sales

This is a great time to sell real estate in Ventura County!

If you have given any thought about selling your property, call or text for a free - no obligation - realistic price evaluation for your home. (805) 857-5811.

Ventura County Real Estate Professionals
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